Marble Room

Marble Room, was a sculptural mixed media project created in collaboration with fellow artist Grant M. Brownlow. It presented a possible future past of digital and physical ruins - blending the ephemera of the technological age with that of the post-industrial Midwest. This blending of time-adjacent degrading spheres created a new interaction between these objects, talking about decay, ruin, glitch, loss, and distortion. These objects had a simultaneous specificity and ambiguity inherent to something covered in a dream-like layer of fog.

This work engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the ideas discussed in Walter Benjamin’s “DreamKitsch,” a seminal text on the state of dream-like ideas or possibilities and their decay when exposed to the tangible world. When removed from their realm of ambiguity, these objects became what Benjamin called “Kitsch”; they were covered in metaphorical dust, removed from their romantic origins, and reinterpreted as mortal decaying things.

This work, separated from the viewer, existed within this dream-like state of possibility. Marble white like the prolific statues of the past, it was dust-free from the rigid and historically grounded world in which we reside. Laden in synthetic light was a lost state of glitch and decay held just outside our full realization and reach.


Alive Again

v 1.0

"Alive Again" explores the intersection between the physical and digital realms through the revival of a deceased bonsai plant in the digital space. The plant was 3D scanned using Polycam and converted into a point cloud. This project seeks to breathe new life into the once-lost, inviting viewers to reflect on the transient nature of existence and the possible dialogues between man, machine, and nature.


As, Not For

Curated by Jerome Harris, "As, Not For" is an incomplete historical survey of work created by African-American graphic designers over the last century. The exhibit seeks to question, inspire, activate, and challenge the design community and beyond with the objective of promoting the deep history, design theories and aesthetics of African-Americans.

Exhibition designed by Josh Cook, Mengmeng Dong, Arda Erdeniz, Shiraz Gallab, Sarah Kuether, Grace Spee, Bansri Thakkar.  Abinash Mallick

Instructor: Pouya Ahmadi

Posters designed by Nat Pyper

Exhibition Design

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