Selected to be exhibited at the Currents New Media Festival 2024

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Point the camera towards the 3 RGB image targets or tap anywhere on the mobile screen to generate the plants.

Flōrens, an augmented reality experience, transforms our perception of gardens by leading users into an alternate realm. In this digital landscape, concealed plants and plant-like beings come to life through touch or discovering hidden symbols, challenging traditional notions of a garden.

The project prompts participants to question preconceived ideas about gardens and redefines our understanding of nature and the emerging 'new unknown' by intertwining the virtual and the physical. Each touch or symbol identification becomes a key to unlocking a new aspect of this immersive experience, turning gardening into an interactive, multisensory journey.

Users who navigate the augmented reality garden actively reshape their environment, becoming integral to the unfolding narrative

Cinema 4D
8th Wall AR


Oil on Troubled Waters

"Oil in Troubled Waters" is an experimental & experientail animation project that explores the concept of voxel animation, blending analog and digital methods. This fusion allows to explore visual chaos and conflict, bridging the macro and micro realms. The project builds on the parallel real-world socio-political and geo-political conflicts using physical elements such as oil and water. The visual landscapes created offer a sensory experience, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of our global landscape.

Cinema 4D
Unreal Engine


ExoFlorens is an extension of the Augmented Reality (AR) project Florens set in an other-worldly realm. While Florens existed in an augmented environment, ExoFlorens is AI-generated using StreamDiffusion-trained models and prompts through TouchDesigner.

ExoFlorens uses a feedback loop within TouchDesigner. The first generated image is introduced into the network to create a loop. This allows TouchDesigner to generate the next frame/image using the previous image as a base template, resulting in seamless transitions when compiled.

The current version of ExoFlorens uses two juxtaposed sequences, creating a glitch-like effect. The numbers on the screen are the coordinates of these uncontrolled distortions. Within TouchDesigner, blob-tracking recognizes and analyzes these distortions and generates a unique sequence that maintains the aesthetic of the original sequence while introducing new distortions.



Taste of Tippecanoe Festival

Lafayette, Indiana

The Taste of Tippecanoe Festival 2022 celebrated the vibrant culture and culinary diversity of Tippecanoe County with an added visual experience. As night fell, the historic Tippecanoe County Courthouse was transformed into a canvas of light and motion, showcasing a mesmerizing video projection.

This project aimed to merge the courthouse's architecture with animations, creating an interplay of art and vibrant graphics and composed music that resonated with the festival's lively atmosphere.

Projections mapping brought the courthouse facade to life, engaging the community and visitors in a shared experience that highlighted Tippecanoe County's unity and creativity.

This project was executed in collaboration with my faculty and fellow student members over a period of one month. It involved a site visit, architectural study, and the development of the program within Touchdesigner.

Cinema 4D
Projection Mapping



• Featured in Video Game Art Gallery Zine's December 2020 issue

• Accepted at the 2021 International Conference on Design Principles & Practices

The Arboretum is reminiscent of a small garden space that lets the player experience a therapeutic environment surrounded by natural elements. It is one of the ten interactive spaces developed as a part of a collaborative virtual reality project which examines the themes of destruction, growth, sustainability, and mindfulness using the metaphor of a desolated shopping mall. It was developed in remote collaboration using Unity game engine and tools enabling virtual teamwork and helped designers mitigate issues related to isolation during coronavirus pandemic.



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